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POWERNETIX is a company focused in adding value within  the technology sector for leading manufacturers that want to optimize their supply into Asian and Far East export markets.


POWERNETIX leverages over two decades of experience in electrical and electronic component design-in, technical qualfication and pre- and post- sales cycle support.


POWERNETIX partners provide designed in reliability and continually develop high tech components for a increasing global appetite for reliable, power efficient and now more importantly, environmentaly friendly electric and electronic components. 


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Japanese Market Access

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With skilled distribution partners servicing differing segments POWERNETIX can provide valuable mature and skilled support in selling products in Japan including access to the attractive Japanese Electronic Industry main manufacturers. 

China Market Access

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With China dominating the world manufacturing industry it is a market that cannot be ignored for any electronic component manufacturer.


POWERNETIX can perform activites that increase market coverage, improve promotional activities and ensure your products are placed in the right distribution network to ensure success.



Distributor or Sales Networks

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If you are a company considering export to Asia or a company considering to increase sales into the European Marketplace POWERNETIX can provide professional consultation and assist in partner contacts located in the region to set up optimal distribution or sales representation coverage in either market place.